Do you want to know  the secrets of Dawah ?
Do you want to know how to negotiate with non-Muslims and defeat all misconceptions about Islam ?
Take the initiative and join us in a wonderful course entitled as (eDawah Workshop )

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Course Requirements :
1-this course requires a very good English language level
2- this course is for men only
3- the fees for the course is 100 riyals

What did  the trainer say about eDialogue Center ?

First of all I just wanted to thank the organizer to help and giving us the opportunity to get more reward from Allah. We were very pleased with the whole setup and coordination and also the students were very interested and interactive. We enjoyed every moment of the class we had for the past 7 weeks and I personally thank everybody for all their hard work. Inshalalh we should keep the momentum going and we would love to help the organization in any way we can. I think you guys are providing an excellent service to the community and May Allah reward you for all the good things that you are doing.

What did the trainees say about (eDawah Workshop) ?

1) the facility was very good firstly, they had good snacks, coffee, tea etc

2) The class is not dragging meaning it was very precise

3) Speakers were excellent very professional at what they do

4) Got to know some innovative ideas of giving dawah

5) I learrned how to answer the misconceptions that the non-muslims have about islam

6)… we are ready to start practicing what we have learned and eager to show some good result

7)The ideas that was explained will help me in our dawah activity

8) It focuses on practical more then theory

9) … the best that presenter has is Dawah Technique

10) Encouraging people to break the ice …

11).. direct to the point, frankness and clarity..

12) someone is waiting to know about Islam but no enough skilled Muslims are available

13) Throughout the course my knowledge of Christianity has increased

14) This course is a “MUST” for every Muslim….

15) the way of presenting this course, in a communicative and interactive way, is outstanding!!